Sunday, June 7, 2009

Green Eggs No Ham

Welcome to my blog!  Snowpea Studio is my art and design business.  Every week I'll be sharing my thoughts about design, my work, and my art discoveries.

I thought this photo would be an appropriate post for my first blog: new beginnings.  We get our eggs from a local farm, and just look at the variety of colors and sizes we get!  This week, as an extra bonus, the hens decided to give us a few GREEN eggs!


  1. Hi Amy,

    I like how you have the little bird in your logo above, with the eggs here, beautiful photo. Early morning? New beginnings indeed, at any rate. I sure don't know if this will post, I've never blogged before so I guess we'll see what happens next. Can't wait to see all the new designs, love the YEA card!


  2. With just a teeny bit of shellac those eggs would make beautiful paperweights. Or one delicious omelet.
    Gorgeous presentation! Inspiring presentations. I'm a fan. Blog on.....

    AK, New York, NY and NY