Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Product Roundup

This time of year, I like to go into New York and walk around the stores, looking for my products on the shelves. I usually don't know what stores carry them, so it's always a surprise. This is a really fun aspect of my job, getting to see the final product on the shelves. First stop, Macy's 34th street. Nothing like going to their Christmas section to get into the mood....

In Macy's, I found my NOEL boxed cards from Design Design, Inc. They are a part of my Graphic Ornaments collection that is out this year.

In Papyrus I found my diecut snowflake trio card.

This year, The Container Store is carrying not just ONE, but TWO of my designs. Shots from my Graphic Ornaments collection:

And also The Container Store was selling a wall of my Birthday Tweets goods:

I found more of my cards in several shops I went in. My gorgeous foil snowflake card:

and my HOPE card.....

and last but not least, saw several sightings of my best-selling "Santa's Servers®" napkins and coasters.
Since I spend about six months of the year designing for Christmas, it's great to see everything finally on the shelves! Whew!


  1. You are awesome! The work is beautiful and I am so happy for your success. Go Amy! (your secret admirer)

  2. What a delightful... and rewarding stroll through Manhattan! You art is adorable!