Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's April, I must be getting ready for SURTEX

Well, since the UPS guy has delivered this banner, I guess SURTEX must be coming up soon.  This will be my 6th year exhibiting at the Jacob Javitz center in NYC (Booth 559), and I think after all this time I've finally figured out everything I have to do.

Banners hanging out in the hammock before getting rolled up and transported
Design the booth, prepare my helpers (thanks Arlen, Susanne, James, Morgan and Dawn!), 

Me in the booth with Arlen, 2011 
Prepare the portfolios, prepare any prototypes and samples I'm showing,

One of my first booths, 2008
 reserve a hotel room, send out promo mailing, find something to wear, prepare for catastrophes, 

The halls of Surtex before the show starts!
 Have the signage made, design and produce any takeaways,

My booth, 2009 or 10?

Fill the booth box with tape, scissors, hand sanitizer, mints, business cards, velcro, extra shoes, more mints.
My LOUIE-award-winning Children's Birthday card
And finally, get a lot of sleep, pack the car, suitcases and go set up!  May 19 - 21.


  1. what - wait!?! You actually get sleep before SURTEX? We should talk, I need to figure out how you do that. :o]

  2. Beth...I do my best creating while I'm asleep !! Or so I tell myself.
    See you at the show!